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Minutes of the 
Conf Pam 12mo #901 

D C ^D53317. 







EMBER 7TH — I3TII, 1864 





JZ m0 




The First Session of the Montgomery Conference of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, commenced in 
Tuskegee, Ala., Dec. 7, at 9 a. m. 

Bishop Andrew not having arrived, on motion of C. 
D. Oliver, O. R. Blue was called to the Chair, and the 
session was opened with religious services by W. H. El- 

The Chair then appointed B. B. Ross to call the roll 
of the Conference, when fifty-two members answered to 
their names, and took their seats. 

The Conference proceeded to ballot for a President, 
when on the first ballot, 0. R. Blue having received a 
majority of all the votes cast, was declared elected. 

On motion of W. II. Ellison, B. B. Ross was nomi- 
nated and elected Secretary. 

W. H. Carter and Thos. J. Rutledge were nomina- 
ted and elected Assistant Secretaries. 

The following Standing Committees were appointed : 

On Public Worship— C. D. Oliver, B. B. Ross. 

On Education— 11. N. McTyeire, D. M. Hudson, W. A. 
McCarty, W. A. Shapard, and M. S. Audrews. 

On Sunday Schools — L. F. JDowdell, A. Dowling, and 
Jesse "Wood. 

On Periodicals — Wesley B. Dennis, R. B. Crawford. 

On 31emoirs — E. J. Hamill, A. J. Briggs, S. A. Pilley. 

On motion of J. W. Shores, a Special Committee was 

On the Religious State of the Country— H. N. McTycire, 
A. S. Dickinson, M. S. Andrews, Anson West, and E. S. 

The Secretary presented a Book of Record for the 
Journal of the Conference, which was accepted and or- 
dered to be paid for by the Legal Conference. 

The Conference, on motion, proceeded to appoint the 
members of the Legal Conference. O. R. Blue was ap- 
pointed President, and H. N. McTyeire, E. J. IIamill, 
A. S. Dickinson, and W. H. Ellison, the remaining 

The Conference being organized, the Questions pre- 
scribed by the Discipline were taken up : 

First Question — Who are admitted on trial f 

Robert IF. Harris, John P. McFerrin, Thos. W. Lane, Wilbur F. Norton, 
and Thos. G. Slaughter, were admitted. 

Second Question — Who remain on trial! 

Everett L. Loveless and William A. Edwards, were passed and continued 
on trial. 

Third Question — Who are admitted into fall connection ? 

Perry K. Brindley, J. A. Parker, J. K. Tansey, Thos. K. Armstrong, Robt- 
A. Timmons, John G, Walker, and John Ellison, were admitted. 

Daniel T. Hamner passed and continued in second year's course cf studj, 

Fourth Question— Who are re-admitted f « 

E. D. Pitts, Lafayette Patterson, and Iiobt, N. Scales. 

Fifth Question — Who are received by transfer f 

H. P. Waugh, F. X. Forster, B. F. Perry, John P. Jones, and John F. El- 

Sixth Question — Who are the Deacons of one year ? 

Jacob L, Skipper, W. R. Kirk, C. W, Smith and Jordan A. Wethers, 

H. L. Young, S. A. Pilley, John H. Lockhart, Julius C. A. Bridges, and W. 
G. Johnson, passed and continued in third year's course of study. 

Seventh Question — What traveling Preachers are elected, 
and ordained Deacons ? 

P. K. Brindley, James A. Parker, James K. Tansey, Robt. A. Timmons and 
John F. Ellison, were elected. 

Eighth Question — What Local Preachers are elected and 
ordained Deacons f 

S. S. Sikes, Xoah Segrest, P. 0. Harper, D. E. Corbitt, Thomas K B. Mc- 
Spadden, J. C. Holmes, M. C. Lunsford, J. D. ClaMand, W. W. Walker, E. S- 
Tyner, T. W. White, John Giovanni, James II. Robinson, John Bowling, Jas. 
W. Crossley, Wilbur F. Norton, William S, Rye, W. H. Gatrett, Lassancs A. 
Jones, Tarpley R. Parker, James R. Terry, John Yeargtn, Joseph Campbell, 
J. Gibbs Asheville, James E. Andrews, W. J. Rolailar, Hiram W. Lawley, Jno- 
S. Archer, Francis }[. Tread way and Levi Clifton, were elected. 

Ninth Question — What traveling Preachers are el 
ordained Elders f 

Largua R. Bel!, J. L Cassiday, V,'. R. Talley, John A. Pace, E.S. Smith, 
George Watson, R. B Crawford, Beij. F. Blow, W. H. Morris, Jesse Wood, 
C. S D. Lassiter, and W. G. Perry, parted and .elected. 

B. L. Sehnan and James A. Parker .were elected and ordxined Elders, in 
view of their special work in -the army. 

Tenth Question — What local Preachers are elected and or- 
d Elder 8 f 

J.ohn R. Slaughter,, II. J.. Williams, M. G. Slaughter, Thomas Edwards, La- 
Fayette Patterson, Wilson Williams, Robert Smilie, Robert II. Haynes, Daniel 
T. Uamner, A. W. Moore, Oliver Fleming, James W. Hightower, William H. 
Biggs, Robt. ft Rabb, W. M. Sturdivant, James W. Porch," and Jacob W- 
Addington, were elected. 

Eleventh Question — Who have located this 
Answer : None. ■ 

Twelfth Question — Who are supernumerary f 

J. M. Jennings, Thomas M. Lynch, E. B. McClelland, C. S. D. Lassiter and 
F. X. Forster. 

Thirteenth Question — Who are superannuated? 

Z. Dowling, S. F. Pilley, E. W. Stor|, W. Rhodes, J. T. Roper, J. W. La- 
ney, J. W. Brown, Jesse Ellis, W. P. Miller, U. Williams, C. D. Nicholson, 
and C. N. McLeod. 

Fourteenth Question — Wiat Preachers have died during 
the past year t 

Thomas Lynch, W. D. Matthews, Benj. S. Williams, James M. Campbell, 
and B. Standley. 

For particulars see report of Committee on Memoirs. 

Fifteenth Question — Are cdl the preachers blameless in 
their life auel officied administratio// f 

This question was strictly attended to, by calling over their names, and 
making the necessary inquiries. 

Sixteenth Question — What is the number of preachers and 
members in the several circuits, stations and ?nissio?ts of the 
Conference f 


We have not as* full a statement of the Missions, Circuits and Stations a3 
we could have desired. 

We present the following recapitulation from the several Districts. We 
cannot tell the amount of increase or decrease, because of the absence of the 
Journal of the Alabama Conference : 













Talladega : 



1326 • 

963 ' 







1 1566 


Montgomery . 











2 08 '2 3 




Seventeenth Question — What amounts are necessary for 
the superannuated preachers, and the widows and orphans of 
'hers, and to make up the deficiencies of those w'Jio hare 
not obtained th>eir regidar allowance on their respective dis- 
tricts, circuits and stations f y ' [, 

Answer — $6,280. • 

Eighteenth Question — What has been contributed on the 
foregoing accounts, and, how has it been applied?" 
Answer— $13,423 49. 
Which was applied as follows : 

C.X. McLeod $ 800 Oo 

A. S. Dickinson '. . . 312 00 

E. B. McClelland 170 00 

C. W. Smith 122 50 

0. S. D. Lassiter 86 66 

J. L Skipper 7.0 00 

R. Nicholson 105 05 

S. F. Pilley 630 00 

Mrs. Abernathy 650 00 

C. D. Nicholson 500 00 

Mrs W. D.Matthews 300 00 

William Rhodes 300 00 

U. Williams i 300 00 

John T. Roper \ . . 340 00 

Mrs. Pollock • 150 00 

Bishop Andrew 2500 00 

Reserved for Minutes 350 00 

Mrs. Ferguson... r § 800 00 

Mrs. Standley 400 00 

Mrs. Dickinson 800 00 

Child of Rounsaval 100 00 

Mrs." Oslin 600 00 

Mrs. Williams 300 00 

.lesse Ellis 400 00 

J. W. Laney 600 00 

Mrs. Lynch 200 00 

Z. Dow ling 300 00 

W. P. Miller 635 00 

Mrs. Bailey 16*0 00 

Child of McDonald %n . 140 00 

J. C. A. Bridge* 28 40 

James P. McGec. 289 93 

Financial Book . ... 75 00 

Stationery 10 00 

Total $13,423 48 

Nineteenth Question— What has been contributed for the 
Missionary, Sunday School and Tract Society ? ■ 
Answer — For Mission*, $38,262 00. 
" " Sunday Sehools, $1,298 50. 

" " Tracts, &c, 10,091 9ft. 

Twentieth Qestion— When and where shall our next Con- 
ference be held f n 

Answer — At Lowndesboro, Lowndes county, Ala. Time not given. 

Twenty-Fi-rst Question— W7iere ewe the Preachers station- 
ed this y> 


C. D. Oliver, P. E. 

( Montgomery, EL X. McTyeire. 

-| Stone Chapel and ( T ,„ T '• i 

I Mon'gy Col'd Miss. \ J - "• Joidan ' 

Herron street, to be supplied. 
S Auburn, M. S. Andrews. 
( Mt. Jefferson Col'd Mission, Thomas' 

II. Whitby. 
Tuskegee, Bennett B. Ross. 
Chambers, .Thomas L, Densler, R. II. 

Oak Bowery and Lafayette, John Mat- 
( Russell, William B. Xeal. 
I Olivet Col'd Mis'n, W. G. Johnson.' 

j Crawford, J. II. Lockhart. - -f"™i »*•••* ^u 

] Uchee Col'd fission, to be supplied. j^-sheville, R X. Scales, 
Loachapoka, Lewis P. Dowdell. land » Bup'y. 

Tuskegee Circuit, Jesse Wood.' ' Jacksonville, W. A. 9a 

Tuskegee Circuit, Jesse Wood. 
Opelika, EI. D. Pitts. 
Mt. Meigs and Colored Missien, John 
A. Pace. 
„ E. J. Ilammill, Missionary to. Cheat- 
ham's Corpus. ' • 
., John G. Mottlej, Missionary to Pollard 

and Camp Watts. 

^ I. I. Tatom, Missionary to Cleburne's 


—-J. P. McFerrin, Chaplain in the army, 

^W. J.Sassnett, President of East Ala. 

Male College: 
jfO. R. Blue, Agent of Orphan's Home 
of East Alabama. 
F. IT. Wardlaw, Post Chaplain at Ope- 
Thomas K. Armstrong, in the army. 


Daniel M. Hudson, .P; E. 
Wetumpka, L. D. Huston. 
Prattville, Andrew J. Briggs. 
Autaugavillo, E. B. Norton. 

Kingston, to be supplied by J. T. Tal- 

fcocapatoy, to be supplied, T. M. Lynch 


', John X. Dqpree. 
Tallassee, John P. Joi 
Maplesville, W. A. Montgomery. 
George R. Talley, Missionary t£ Jack- — I 

son's Brigade. 

T. Moodv, P. E. 
Montevallo, E. T. J. Brandon. 
Cahaba Valley, George J. Mason. 
Harpersville, E. S. Smith. 
Oak Mountain, H. L. Young. 
Coosa River, W. R Towles. 

E. B. McLel- 

lire, John W. Talk- v. " 
( Cross Plains Mission, W. J. Davis. 
Gadsden, P K. Brindley, one to be 
• . supplied. 

( Cedar Bluff Minion, Jag. A. Xeelv. 
'} Lebanon Mission, Rufus Xicholson. 

C. L. Do'bbs, Missionary to Wheeler's * 

corps. 'q 

W\ G. Perry, Chaplain -14th Ala. Reg. 
W. L. Clifton, in the army. 
E. A. West, in the army. 
Joel A. Vest, in the army. ■ *l 


D. Duncan, P. E. 
Talladega, Robert B. C-awford. 
Talladega Circuit, Thos G. Slaughter 
. Talladega Col'd Mis., to-be supplied.- 
White Plaina, J. C. A. Bridges. 
Iron Works Mission; to be supplied. 
Arbacoochee, to be supplied. 

iLineville, Robert A. Timmons. 
Blue Mountain Mission, to besuppl'd 
Wesabulga Mission, to be supplied. 

Roanoke, James M. Towles. ITroy and Orion, A. Dowling. 

Pinkneyville, L. R. Bell, C, S. D. Las-| Union, J. P. Dickinson, one to be sup- 

siter sup. 
Hatch ett Creek, Charles W. Smith. 
Fayetteville, John G. Walker. 
Joseph T. Curry, in the army. 

W. H. Ellison, P. E. 
Eufaulr, William Shapard. 
Glennville, W..A, McCatfy. 
Clayton and Louisville, W. H. Wild. 
Chunnennuggee, Thomas W. Lane. 
t Union Springs, J. P.. Ellison, P. X. 
< Forster, sup. 

( Union Springs CoPd Mission, to be 

( Enon, J. W. Solomon. 
"j Barbour Col'd Mission, to be sup- 
plied by J. L. Oliver. 
Perote, /. P. Dickinson. 
( Villufr, J. B. Cottrell. 
( Oswitchee Col'd Mission, M. C. Tur- 

r en tine. 
Clayton, L." Patterson. 
( Lawrenceville, W. K. Norton. 
( Lawrenceville Col'd Mission, Jno. J. 

William A. Edwards, 1 Missionary to 

army of Florida. 
T. J. Rutlodge, Chaplain in the army 
W. F. Norton, Chaplain in 89th Ala 

James W. Shores, P. E. 
I Lowndesboroand TIayneville, B. P, 
•J Perry, J. M. Jennings, sup'y. ) 

{ Hayneville Col'd Mis., J. J. Lathram, [ 

Big Swamp Col'd Mis., B. F. Blow. 
[ Ramer, J. L Sampey. 
•] Sandy Ridge Col'd Mission, to- be 
( supplied by R. Sniilie. 

Greenville and Ft. Deposit, James W. 

Millville, II. J. Hunter. 
South Butler, J. K. Tansey. 
Mt. Ida, William H. Morris. 

plied by C. S. Hurt. 

Brundidge, A. S. Dickinson. 

Elba, J. A. Wethers. 

James A. Parker, Missionary to Clay- 
ton's Division. 

Francis Walker, P. E. 
Mariana, Anson West, 
j Greenwood, William R. Talley. 
( CaJhoun Mission, to be supplied, 
j Campbell, E. L. Loveless. 
] Jackson Col'd Mission, W. B. Adams 
Woodville, H. P. Waugh. 
Hawridge, J. L. Skipper. 
Sylvan Grove, D T Hamner. 
Geneva, W. C Robinson. 
Double Bridges Mission, to be sup- 
plied by T Y, Register. 
(Big Creek Ct , to be i supplied by 
< John Dowling. 

( Yellow River Mission, to be supplied 

. by M. C. Lunslbrd. 
Cerro Gordo, to be supplied by S. 

W. M. Motley, P. E. 
Camden, S. A. Pilloy. 
Blacks Bend, L. M. Wilson. " ' i 
Oak Hill, D S. McDonald. 
Snow Hill, W. R. Kirk.- 
Farmersvillc, J. E. Tread well, 
f Pleasant Hill, Neil Gillis. 
J Pleasant Hill Colored Mission, J. A. 
Spence. • 
Benton Col'd Mis', P. R. McCrary. 
Sepulga, to be supplied 
Evergreen, W. W. Graham. 
Monroeville, Wesley B. Dennis. 
Mount Pleasant, George Watson. 
B. L Selman, Chaplain 23d Ala. Reg. 
Moses E. Butt, transferred to Mobile 

W.IL Carter, stationed at St. Paul's, 





The Committee are -not informed .of the the time and place of 
his birth.' We lea?n he joined the Mississippi Conference in 1829, 
and was appointed to Port Gibson Circuit. We next hear of him 
appointed to Tuskaloosa Station, Alabama Conference, in 1830 ; was 
presiding Elder on Talladega District, in 1840 and 1841 ; served the 
Eufaula District for the ensuing four years ; the Crawford and La- 
Fayette Circuits and Uchoe Mission, the following years, at the close 
of which he was superannuated. For years ho has not attended the 
Annual Conferences. A few of the present members recollect him 
as a man of great dignity, slow of speech, deliberate, full of practi- 
cal wisdom, a holy man, who enforced the doctrine of entire sanc- 
tification, both by preeept and example;. He was a lover of good 
men — a wise spiritual builder, who determined that hi^ work when 
tried so as by fire, should be found of. gold, silver, precious stones, 
and not of wood, hay and stubble. 

He was much less concerned about the. visible prosperity of the 
Church, its members, wealth and earthly advantages, than its real 
growth in holy duty, and in power with God. "When the bride- 
groom came/' he was found fujly ready, "his lamp trimmed and 
burning." He remarked he was glad his hour had come, and fell 
asleep in Jesus. 

He entered the Georgia Conference in 1831, and served the church 
effectively in many prominent appointments, on Stations, Circuits, 
and Districts, for 21 years ; was superannuated three years, and then 
served two additional years in the Georgia Conference, from which 
he was transferred to the Alabama Conference in 1856. Here he 
served the Talladega District four years, and the Wetumpka Station 


in 18G1, where his health failed. At the ensuing Conference he was 
granted a superannuated relation, and remained in that relation un- 
til his death. He was a sweet spirit: the go'ddess of his heart 
stamped itself on his very countenance, and gave the witchery of 
lovo to his voice and manner. 

The unction and sweetness with which he sang the praises of God 
were remarkable. He was profoundly versed in th$ mysteries of 
grace, and taught" the deep things of God, in demonstration of the 
Spirit and of power. The spirit of Divine love permeated his pub- 
lic and private life, and made all who knew him feel that the power 
which wrought in him was not of man, bjit of God. ' The beauty of 
his Christianity rendered him a fit medium through whic^i the at- 
tractiveness of the Cross drew many sonls unto God. Multitudes 
will bless his memory. When 'his last hour came he was ready to 
say with the beloved disciple, "Come Ltord Jesus, come quickly," 

Joined the Alabama Conference in 1850, and was appointed to 
Chambers Circuit ; in 1851 to Columbus. Circuit, and Forkland Cir- 
cuit in 1852. At the close of this year r to prepare himself more thor- 
oughly for the work of the ministry, he located and went to the 
Centenary Institute. In 1854, he was employed by the P. E., on the 
Autauga Circuit. Re-entered the Conference at the close of the 
year, and served in the order following : the Cahaba and Montevallo 
Stations ; the Montgomery Colored charge ; the Gainesville and 
Warsaw ; the Union Springs and Clayton and Louisville Stations, 
and lastly the Mariana District in LS63 and 1804. In midsummer 
of this year his health entirely failed, and he went home to the 
house of his father-in-law, to die. 

•Bro. Williams was a single-hearted, earnest-minded man, fervent 
in spirit serving the Lord. He looked like one who saw the great 
verities of God and Eternity, and seeing, saw 

"No room for mirth or trifling here, 
For wordly hope or wordly fear." 

Rarely has the apostolic injunction, to be sober-minded, been more 
perfectly obeyed. Not that'he was wanting in cheerfulness — no, he 
appreciated the kindness of his God and Savior, not only in the great 
gifts of grace, but also, in the smallest earthly favdrs ; and for the 
rich social advantages God had accorded him, he felt that he had. 
abundant cause for thankfulness. He had a heart that could inhale 
the incense of praise from the beauty of a flower, and bless God for 
its loveline'ss. He was one whose spirit seemed to beat against the 
walls of his clay tenement in his attempts to soar into higher regions 


of intellect, truth and spiritual life. The zeal of the house of God 
consumed liim. He could not be a sluggard in God's Vineyard.— 
Whatsoever his hand found to do, he did with all his might. The 
smallest interests of Zion were to him of vast importance, nor would 
his stern integrity allow him to compromise in the least particular 
aught that pertained to the glory- pf God. In the great revival at 
x\utaugaville in 1854, he seemed clothed with the power of God as 
with a garment; many wive the slain of the Lord, and never will 
they forget him, as t\ie words of his nioutH pierced as a two-edged 
sword,. dividing asunder soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and 
were a discemer of the thoughts and intents of the heart. lie was 
as a hammer of God to the. public congregation, while his frequent 
angel-like visits to the habitations of the lowly, were as the breath- 
ing of the harps of Heaven. The burden of the Lard allowed him 
to give no re&t to the sinner until he sought and found the peace 
that passeth all understanding. 

To Brother Williams this* earth had grand significance. Nature 
in all her voices spoke to his heart the quiet words of wisdom, and 
taught him this vast material world was but the highway to eternal 
things: and though ho flight innocently and thankfully partake of 
anient by the way, yet he must hasten unto "tKe coming of the 
day of God, wherein the earth and the works that are therein shall 
be burned up." He trod a path of light to the skies, brightening 
unto the perfect day. Willi his power as a preacher, and earnest 
devotion te the, work, much was expected of him in the wider sphere 
of Presiding Elder. Nor would the hopes of the Church have been 
in vain — but God had need of him, and took him to himself. His 
last illness was'a triumphant career heavenward, in which he found 
it necessary to curb hisimpatience to depart and be with Christ. — 
He has* gone'before us, and pis works do follow him. Let us meet 
him in the land of light. 


Joined the Alabama Conference in 1854, and served his several 
fields of labor in the following order : Geneva Circuit, Apalaehicola 
and Pensacola Stations: Butler and Greenwood Circuits, Woodville 
and Columbia, and Warrington Stations ; from the last of which he 
entered the army as chaplain in 1861. 

James M. Campbell was a warm-hearted, energetic and efficient 
itinerant. His early education was limited, but with high resolve 
he determined, by the grace of God, there should be light, and dark- 
ness fled apace before his eager pursuit of wisdom ; rapidly pro- 
gressed the work of self-culture ; steadily from all sources he drew 
the materials for laying deep and broad the foundation of useful 


knowledge. He became a workman who needed not to be ashamed, 
as he proclaimed effectively the unsearchable riches of Christ.. He 
was a man of strong sense, who won favor whithersoever he went, 
and who loved Methodism devotedly in all her peculiarities. Useful 
in the quiet Sanctuary, he was uncommonly efficient as a Chaplain in 
the army, a man in whom the stern warrior delighted. Whether 
won by Ms love for the soldiers to share fully their perils, or impelled 
by the self-sacrificing patriotism he witnessed, or that he thought 
the swords, temporal and spiritual, might make him more exten- 
sively useful, we know not; but he changed his relation to the army, 
and was soon chosen major of his regiment, in which sphere he fail- 
ed not to preserve the same unswerving fidelity to his Master which 
had before distinguished him. His heart was f xcd, trusting in the 
Lord. A brave heart, a true man, instantly and without warning, 
it pleased God to call him hence. He fell at Spottsylvania Court 
House, Virginia, on the 14th of May, 1864, by the hand of a sharp- 
shooter, and now we believe rests with his God. 

0. B. STANDLEY. , 
Brother Standley, a transfer from the Florida Conference, was a 
quiet, unobtrusive spirit, meek and lowly in both spirit and manner, 
a useful minister, loving God and his Church devotedly. He felt it 
to be an honor of which he was not worthy, that he was called to 
labor in word and doctrine for his Master, and gladly preached the 
gospel to the lowly and obscure. In the last year, a cloud darkened 
his fair name, but we learn God his Father vindicated his spirit and 
character by a triumphant death. He died attesting to the last the 
integrity of his heart, and even his enemies have been made to be 
at peace with him, and to clear his name of censure. 

Wesley B. Dennis, Chairman of Committee on Peri- 
odicals, presented their report, which was adopted, with 
the following resolution : 

Resolved, That wo will bring the subject of sustaining the -South- 
ern Christian Advocate before all our congregations, and earnestly 
entreat their aid in 

H. N". McTyeire, Chairjnan of the Committee on Ed- 
ucation, presented their report, of which the following 
is an abstract : 


Centenary Institute, the joint property of the Mobile and Mont- 
gomery Conferences, is still open, and doing a good work. 

Glexnville Female College sends up an encouraging report. It 
has an efficient Faculty of four Teachers, -and 125 pupils, and has 
been favored with a gracious revival of religion during the year. It 
promises much usefulness to the Church. N. 

f The exercises of Auhlkx College are still suspended, and the 
/buildings are used as a Confederate Hospital. The Trustees send no/ 
\report. / 

The Trustees of Tuskeoke Femaet: College have farnisljea no re- 
port, but the Committee received a communication from Rev. Jesse 
Wood, late President of the College, stating that ho had reeehtty 
sold his lease to Rev. C. D. Elliott, of Nashville, and that the exer- 
cises of the College were going forward regularly. 

The Committee, in concluding their report, presented 
the following resolution, which wa3 adopted : 

Resolved^ That the Legal Conference be instructed, at thf» earliest 
day possible,, to inquire into the relations of the Toskegoe Female 
College to thia body, as. they may ed by the change referred 

to in the communication of Rev. Jesse Wood, with fche < 
curing the rights of the Conference in the Institution, and fulfilling 
our j the Church in its establishment 

L. F. Do wdell, ' Chairman oi* Committee on Sunday 
Schools, presented their report, showing that the war 
had reached and damaged this interest of the Church 
as well as others, taking away in many instances both 
teachers and pupils, and crippling in many other ways 
this great enterprise for building up and increasing the 
Church of God. Tho report was adopted. 

"iain body of the above reports have been 
excl ftit of room. 

The Alabama Conference of the Methodist Protes- 
tant Church at its late session in Lowndesboro', Ala., 
appointed Rev. Dr. S. K. Cox and P. T. Graves, .Esq,, 
Fraternal Messengers to attend the session of the Mont- 
gomery Conference of M. E. Church, South, at Tuske- 
gee. Rev. Dr. Cox was present, and was introduced to 
the Conference, and delivered a very earnest and eloquent 
address, which was listened to with great interest. 
JL^L_J^clyeire offered the following^tejtolutionB, 
r hich were adopted unanimously by a rising yCfe : 


Resolved, That this Conference do heartily welcome the Rev. Dr. 
Cox, Fraternal Messenger from the Methodist Protestant Church in 
the Alabama District ; that we entertain and reiterate the sentiments 
uttered by him in his address before this body touching the fellow* 
ship and prospective union of the two bodies of the Methodist fam- 
ily in the Confederate States. 

Resolved, That this Conference appoint two messengers to visit 
the next session of the Protestant Conference. 

Mark S. Andrews, and Daniel M. Hudson, were ap- 
pointed the messengers under the last resolution. 

The following resolution was offered by J. B. Cottrell, 
and 0. R. Blue, and adopted unanimously by a rising 
vote : 

Resolved, That in response to the salutations of our brethren of 
the Mobile Conference, we extend to them expressions of recipro- 
cal regard and affection, and in view of our past relations as mem- 
bers of a common Conference, we will cherish and cultivate the 
closest fraternal intercourse. 

The following was offered by Francis "Walker and E. 
J. Hamill, and adopted : 

Resolved, That this Conference do set apart the first Friday in 
April, as a day of Fasting and Prayer, in vfew of the condition of 
the country. 

H. N. McTyeire and O. R. Blue presented the follow- 
ing preamble and resolutions, which were adopted : 

Whereas it has come to the knowledge of the Montgomery An- 
nual Conference that certain "ministers of religion, licensed accord- 
ing to the rules" of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and who / 
were "in the regular discharge of their ministerial duties on the 

117th February, 1864," within the bounds of this Conference, have 
been during the year past, claimed by Enrolling officers in the State 
of Alabama, as subject to conscription and put to annoyance, delay 
and expense by these enrolling officers, and in some cases have been 
forced into the army contrary to the law of Congress regulating and 
defining exemptions ; 

And Whereas the pretense is set up by some who are charged 
with the execution of the conscript laws, that local preachers and 
traveling preachers, who are not ordained, and preachers who serve 
colored missions, are not exempt under this law. Therefore, 

Resolved 1st, That this Conference hereby declares that the theory 
structure, and constitution of the ministry of the Methodist Episco- 
pal Church, South, justifies no such discrimination. 

Resolved 2d, That such discrimination against any class of our 
ministry, is sectarian, unjust, illegal and oppressive. 

Resolved 3d, That this preamble and these resolutions be published 
in the SouJthevn Christian Advocate and Montgomery Advertiser, 
and that ttye Secretary of this Conference furnish a certified copy of 
the sameib ©ur Senators and Representatives in Congress, with re- 


quest that they take such measures as are necessary to secure the 
rights of all our ministers, as guaranteed by the law of the Confed- 
erate States. 

E. J. Hamill offered the following, which was unani- 
mously adopted : 

AViiereas, it has pleased Almighty God to take from our midst our 
brother Joel Hamiter, a man of rare beauty of character, and whose 
pre-eminent liberality in support of the grand charities of the age, 
was indeed as a city set upon a hill. 

Therefore resolved, That the members of this Conference feel deep- 
ly sensible of the fact that in the death of our beloved brother, the 
church and the country have sustained a great loss, but we feel that 
though dead he yet speaketh to us in his rich examples of self-sac- 
rificing piety ; and we comfort our hearts with the assurance that 
though he has failed on earth, he has been abundantly received into 
everlasting habitations. 

Resolved, That we offer our sincere condolence to his afflicted fam- 
ily, and pray that the Father of the fatherless, and the widow's 
Judge, may comfort them in their irreparable loss, aud keep them 
through grace unto everlasting life. 

0. R. Blue and W. H. Ellison presented the following, 

which was adopted : 

Bcsotosd, That the Montgomery Conference hereby request the 
Bishops to call a General Conferenc^during the ensuing year, if in 
their judgment it should be thou gnr advisable to do so. 

The following delegates were elected to the General 
Conference : 

H. N. McTyeire, 0. R. Blue, W. H. Ellison, W. A. McCarty, B. B. 
Ross, W. J. Sassnett, C. D. Oliver. 


E. J. Hamill and M. S. Andrews. 



Clerical Members. Li\y Member* 

M. S. Andrews, Isaac Hill, 

J- W. Solomon, John H. Miller, 

James L. .Samper W. R, Coi, 

ft B. Nokt n, T. N. GUuTlEB, 

J). S. McDonald, W, £. Carter, 

John Or. Walker, ,?. ^. Groce, 

E. 8. J. P. Ralls, 

Titos. Mi Lynch, Daniel Pratt, 
William Shapard, Chairman. 


Ceidencr te—B. F. Patry, A. J. Briggs and E. B. Norton. 

Glennvillc Female College— W '. A. McCarty, J, B. Cottrell and W, 

Tuekegee Female College— C. D. Oliver, 0. K. Blue and L. P. Bow- 


On FtR- Year- -W. II. Ellison, C. D. Oliver, J. A. Spence. 
OnBecond Year-^W. J. Sassnett, W. M. Motley, D. M. Hudson. 
On Th. . > '- .• .:— H. N. McTyeiie, M. S. Andrews, J. W, Solomon, 
On Fourth Year— W; A. McCarty, T. M. Lynch, W, It. Norton. 


First YEAR.---The Bible : Historical and Biographical parts, with 
reference to Watson's Biblical and Theological Dictionary enlarged, 
With New Biblical Atlas, and Preachers' Text-Book, Wesley's Ser- 
mons, Vol. I., Discipline, Hymn'Book, Clarke's Preachers' Manual, 
Watson's Institutes, Part III., Theological Compend, English Gram- 
mar, Composition. 

Second Year.— The Bible : as to the Institutions of Christianity, 
with reference to Watson's Dictionary, as above, Wesley's Sermon's, 
Vol. II,, Discipline, with reference to Henkle's Analysis, Hymn-Book, 


Smith's Elements of Divinity, Watson's Institutes, Part IV., Watson's 
Life of Wesley and Observations on Southey, Essay or Sermon with 
reference to Quackenbos's Advanced Course of Composition ajid Rhe- 

Third Year.— The Bible: as to Doctrines, with reference to Wat- 
son's Dictionary, as above, Wesley's Sermons, Vol. III., Discipline, 
Hymn-Book, Watson's Institutes, Part II., Whately's Rhetoric, Es- 
say or Sermon, with reference to Vinet's Pastoral Theology. 

Fourth Year — The Bible, generally, with reference to Watson's 

Dictionary, as above, Wesley's Sermon's, Vol. IV., Discipline, Hymn 

Book, River's Elements of Moral Philosophy, Watson's Institutes, 

Part I., Powell on Succession, Ruber's Church History, Whately's 

• V or Sermon. 

Sunday, December 11, 1864, 11 a. m. 
Sermon by Bishop Andrew, after which the following 
were ordained: 


P. K- Brindley, M. C. Luysford, 

James A. Parker, John D. Clayland, 

James K. Tansey, William W. Walker, 

Robert A. Timiuons, E. S. Tyner, 

Stephen S. vSikes, Thomas W. White, 

Noah Segrest, John Giovanni, 

P. 0. Harper, James H. Robinson, 

Daniel E. Corbitt, John F. Ellison, 

Thos. K. B. McSpadden, John Dowling, 

Joseph C. Holmes, J times W. Crossley, 
William A. Edwards and W. J. Davis were afterwards ordained pri- 

Sunday, 3 o'clock, p. m. 
Sermon by Rev. Dr. S. K. Cox, of the Methodist Pro- 
testant Church, after which the following were ordained : 


John R. Slaughter, George Watson, 

II. J. Williams, Robert B. Crawford, 

Martin G. Slaughter, Benj. F, Blow, 

Thorns Edwards, William H. Morris. 




Daniel T. Hamner, 

Jesse Wood, 

' Largtfs Pi. Bell, 

LaFayette Patterson, 

• John J. Cassiday, 

Wilson Williams, 

William K. Talley, 

Robert Smilie, 

John A. Pace, 

Robert II. Haynes, 

Ethelbert S. Sjmith, 

C. S. D. Lassiter, 

Andrew J. Briggs, 

Wm. G. Perry. 

B. L. Selman and Jas. A, 



were afterwards ordained 




0. R. Blue, H. K MeTyeire, A. S. Dickinson, W. H, 
Ellison, E.' J. Hamill. 

0. Ri Blue, President, IL "N". MeTyeire, Secretary and 


W. II. Ellison and D. M. Hudson offered the follow- 
ing, which were adopted by a rising vote : . 

Resolved, That the thanks of this Conference are hereby tendered 
to the citizens of Tuskegee for the kind and and sumptuous manner 
in which tlfey have. entertained the members of this body. 

Resolved, That the thanks of this Conference are hereby tendered 
to the pastors and members of the Baptist and Presbyterian 
Churches for the use of their houses of worship, during the session. 

In connection with the Conference at the close of its 

Thoae in italics. are superannuated. • 

A. S. Dickinson, ' 
■ Jesse Ellis, 

.&' F. Pilley, 
L. M. Wilson, 
■John T. Roper, 
P. R; McCrary, 
William B. Keal, 

B. B. Ross, 
M. K. Norton, 


C. D. Oliver, 
T. Moody, 
Daniel Duncan, 
William Rhodes, 
T. L. Densler, 
John A. Spence, 
W. H. Ellison, 
E. J. Hamm'ill, 
J. M. Jennings, 

Z. Dotrttng, 
W. P, Miller, 
Mas W.Story, 
G. R, Talley, 
John W. Laney, 
J. W. Shores, 
C. N. McLeod, 
J. M. Towles, 
H. J. Hunter 


O. R. Blue, 
J. N. Dupree, 
C. L. Dobbs, 

E. B. Norton, 
William II. Carter, 
James L. Sampey, 
William 1ft. Motley, 
Angus Dowling, 
W. A. Sampey, 

H. N T . McTyeire, 
Thos. n. Whitby, 

F. X. Forster, 
James W. "Glenn, 
Wm. R. Talley, 
John W. Talley, 
A. J. Brig< 
William K. Towles, 
Benj. F. Blow, 
John W. Solomon, 
C. S. D. Lassiter, 
E. B. McLelland, 
Robt N. Scales, 


J. T. Curry, 
M. S. Andrew?, 
J. ~&. Cottrell, 
John Matthews, 
Daniel M. Hudson, 
William H. Wild, 
William B. Adams, 
B. L. Selmari, 
W. A. Mc'arty, 
John E. Treadwell, 
John F. Dickinson, 
B. P. Perry, 
F. H. Wardlaw, 
J, J. Cassiday, 
Neil Gillie, 
Ethelbert S. Smith, 
George J. Mason, 
R. B. Crawford, 
Anson W< 
Jesse Wood, 
James P. McGee, 
E. D. Pitts, 
J. J. Lathram, 

W. Shapard, 
J~. W. Brown, 
M. C. Turrenti 
Francis Walker, 
D. S. McDonald, 
Thomas M. Lynch, 
F. T. J. Brandon, 
Joshua W. Jordan, 
Thomas J. Rutledge, 
W. C. Robinson, 
H. P. Waugh, 
L. F. Dow,; 
L. JR. Bell, 
W. A. Montgomery, 
John A. Pace, 
W. J. Sassnett, 
Geo. Watson, 
Isaac I, Tatom, 
W. H 

John F, Dickinson, 
William G. Perry, 
LaFayette Patterson, 


John P. Jonc3, W. R. Kirk, J. A. Neeley, 

C, W. Smith, . Jacob L, Skipper, Jordan A. Wethers, 

C. D, Nicholson, Rufus Nicholson. 


Perry K. Brindley, 
James A. \Farker, 

Henry L. Young, 

John H. Lockhart, 

Julius C. A. Bridges, James K. Tansey, 

Robert A. Timmons, John G. Walker, 

Elbert A. West, Joel A. Vest. 

Stephen A. Pilley, 
Thomas K. Armstrong 
W. G. Johnson, 
John F.Ellison, 


Daniel T. Hamner, William Av Edwards, Everett L. Loveless. 


Robert H. Harris, Thomas W. Love, John P, McFerrin, 
Wilbur F. Norton> Thomas G> Slaughter, 


By special resolution of the Conference, the Secretary 
was required to publish the amount of' the Conference 
Collection from the various Circuits, Stations and Mis- 
sions. The following is the report of the Secretary of 
the Joint Board, of Finance : 


Gadsden $ 

Centre *100 00 

Oak Mountain Misssion 

Harpersville „. 281 83 

Lebanon 26 66 

Asheville , 

Jacksonville - . , „ 

Coosa River 

$408 50 


Talladega Station $150 00 

Talladega Circuit 20 00 

White Plains 88 20 20 00 

Lineville 34 90 

Blue Mountain Mission 

Roanoke 50 80 

Pinkneyville 117 88 

Camp Hill' 


Socapatoy 1 00 00 

Hatchctt'Creek 25 00 

tcville 101 91 

$658 70 


Montevallo Statio.i .....$ 

Montevallo Circuit 193 90 

Autaugaville 700 50 

Kingston *.... 86 10 


Wetumpka 182 00 

Prattville 99 93 

$1,262 43 


Montgomery §1089 03 

Herron Street 2()0 00 

Mt. Meigs . 119 00 

Tallassce 95 05 

Tuskegee -. 696 28 

Tuskegee Circuit 705 00 

Loachapoka 185 00 

Auburn ... . 540 00 

Oak Bowery 375 10 

LaFayette ....112 98 

Crawford 805 25 

Russell 502 50 

Opelika 100 00 

$4,971 20 


Eufaula $610 00 

Glennville 289 83 

Villula 248 75 

Enon 490 50 

Union Springs : 215 33 

Clayton and Louisville. ......... .267 60 

Clayton Circuit 50 00 

Chunnenuggee 162 50 

Perote...' 431 50 

$2766 01 


Lowndesboro and Hayneville.$161 16 

Pleasant Hill 84 96 

Farmersville 31 00 

Ramer 197 00 

Union 230 00 

Greenville 299 71 

Sepulga 86 10 

South Butler 150 00 


Lo^vn'desboro' District — continued. 

Troy and Orion 200 CO 

Elba ; 86 45 

Brundidge 100 00 

Hayncville Colored Mission 66 66 

$1693 06 


Camden $16 

Oak Hill 1 

Snow Hill 11 

Black's Bend 150 00 

Monroevilie 18 

Evergreen 30 50 

Svlvan Grove 

71 52 

Geneva , 

... 60 OO 

Big Creek 

Yellow River Mission 

Cerro Gordo 


239 00 


W. K. Norton's donation.. 

$821 93 

... 20 00 

$841 93 

capitulation by Districts. 
Gadsden District. ... a 408 50 


Mariana $248 00 

Greenwood 156 73 

Calhoun Mission 

Campbellton , 


Hawridge 49 6S 

| "rn«ry 

Camden ' 

Mariana ' 

..658 70 
.1262 43 

..821 63 

Total $13,423 49 


The Missionary Society of the Montgomery Conference held 
a meeting on Sunday night, December 11th, 1 o'clock, p.m., in 
the Baptist Church of Tuskegee. The President, Rev. W. A. 
McCarty, in the Chair. Religious services were conducted 
by Rev. M.^S. Andrews. The Treasurer read his report, which 
was adopted, and ordered to be printed. Dr. Green address- 
ed the audience. By arrangement of the Board of Managers, 
no public collection was taken up. The following report of 
the Secretary of the Board was read, in its order, ancl adopted, 
showing the state of the colored and domestic missions within 
the bounds of the Conference : 

Plea ho) it Hill Colored Mission, served by P. R. McCraky, 
embraces seven plantations, visited once a month; 500 negroes 
preached to, 121 members, 100 children catechised ; baptised, 
1\ adults and 45 children ; received into the church 15. This 
mission has paid $600, and is in a healthy condition. 

Big Sica?np Colored Mission, served by B. F. Blow, has 5 
appointments, 164 members, IV probationers, 184 catechumens, 
812 negroes preached to. The missionary represents its spir- 
itual condition as good, and no congregation, of same size, more 
loyal to the South. The negroes have paid $150 toward the 
support of the missionary this year. The patrons wish it con- 
tinued, but how much they are willing to pay toward the sup- 
port of it, is not ascertained. 

Letoliatchie Colored Mission, served "by B. P. Blow, has 4 
appointments, 106 members, 6 probationers, 80 catechumens, 
377 negroes preached to. The mission has paid this year $519. 
Spiritual condition moderate. The servants are obedient to 
their masters, and loyal to the country and its institutions in 
which their lot is cast. They have paid $108 this year toward 
the support of their minister. The patrons live at a distance, 
and have not been consulted as to the continuance of the mis- 
sion, though it is presumed they wish it. 


Weosafndga Colored Mission, served by Jas. E. McCain, 
has 4 appointments ; received on probation 25, baptised 10; 
members, 100; preaches to 300 negroes. The patrons have 
paid 8200. The slaves and their masters wish brother Mc- 
Cain to preach to them another year. 

Union Springs Colored Mission, served by Abel Tatom, 
has 8 appointments, filled on Sabbath ; has 218 members, 24 
probationers; baptised 22 brants ; 68 children catechised \ 2 
members died, and 1 dropped. The spiritiid condition of some 
of the. appointments is fair. 

Osicichee Colored Mission, served by M. C. Turrkxtine, 
reports from 1500 to 1800 hearers, 438 members, 142 proba- 
tioners, 10 adults, and 9 children baptised, 432 catechised. Has 
12 appointments, 3 being irregular. The patrons paid $348- 
The. mis>ion is in a prosperous state, and the planters wish it 

Montgomery Colored Mission, served by J. W. Jordan, has 
1102 members, 141 probationers, 00 children baptised. This 
mission has a sabbath school, which is held every Sabbath 
morning, with 1 superintendent, 3 teachers, and 300 pupils* — 
The missionary has received from Stone Chapel, a church in 
the neighborhood served monthly, $050 ; and from the colored 
mission *S50. 

IlayncviUe Colored Mission, served by J. J. Latiiram, has 
V plantations, 88 members, and 55 on trial. Baptised, 20 adults; 
155 children catechised. Received $834, of which $105 was 
from the negroes. Mission represented as* prosperous. 

JLawrenceville Colored Mission, served by J. J. Cassiday, 
was organized this year ; contains 4 appointments, has good 
congregations, and is in a prosperous condition. Paid 8100. 
The patrons ask its continuance. Members 35, probationers 56. 

Barbour Colored Mission, served by J. L. Oliver, has 7 
appointments served monthly. Members 127 ; probationers 
82; catechumens 182; adults baptised 10 ; children 37. Two 
have died in peace this year ; about 000 preached to ; mission 
doing well. Paid -S267 50 for the support of the preacher. 

Mt. Jefferson Colored Mission, served by T. H. Whitby, 
was organized last year by him, and he represents it as in a 
prosperous condition. There are 5 regular appointments to 


colored people, and one to whites ; 111, members. The negroes 
have paid over $200 for the support of their preacher. The 
patrons desire its continuance. 

Oak Mountain Mission, served by Henry Young, has 249 
white members and 69 probationers ; 8 colored members and 7 
colored probationers. Has 4 sabbath schools ; baptised, 8 
adults and 13 children. Paid $567. The mission is prosperous 
and wishes to be taken off the list and made a circuit, which 
change the board of^nanagers rec6mmencl to be made. 

Double Bridges Mission is represented by J. Y. Register 
as doing well, considering the effect of the war on this section 
of the country — about Geneva, Ala. We have reports for the 
3d and 4th quarters from the missionary, who has received in- 
to full connection 15 members, and on probation 8 ; baptised, 
6 adults and 7 children. There is a membership of 155, and 6 
appointments in this mission filled monthly. 

Jackson {Fla.) Colored Mission, served by W. B. Adams. 
This is a new mission, and the people are not educated on the 
subject, but are willing to have their negroes preached to on 
their plantations on Sundays; has preached to 11 plantations, 
and had more plantations offered, but could not serve them. — 
The Yankee raid was through the centre of this work and broke 
up four appointments, which have not since been reorganized. 
But little money paid as yet by the patrons for its support. 
They desire the continuation of it. It is out of the power of 
the missionary to remove his family, on account of the condi- 
tion of the country, and his re-appointment would be accepta- 
ble. Members 94 ; probationers 27 ; catechumens ISO ; hearers 

TIcliee Colored Mission, served by F. H. Wardlaw, has 5 
appointments, 300 members, 150 probationers, 150 catechumens. 
The mission is in a good condition. The people favor it. The 
patrons have paid toward the support of the missionary $552, of 
which amount $26 was contributed by negroes, at Mt. Zion 

Rev. O. R. Blue was appointed by Bishop Andrew at the 
last session of the Alabama Conference to act as superintend- 
ent of negro missions in the territory embraced in the Mont- 
gomery Conference. Large discretion was given, his business 


bein-to awaken masters to their duties in the religious welfare 
of their servants, and to r.ssist the missionaries and to facilitate 
their work by inducing the planters to remove preaching from 
their quarters to churches, and several of the patrons m a neigh- 
borhood to combine and build meeting houses for this purpose, 
it being impossible to serve all plantations separately. The ef- 
fect of this combination, under proper police regulations, it 
was jndge-d would increase the interest of religious meetings, 
s-ive the missionary large congregations and fewer appoint* 
ments, and more time to catechise and discipline, and toadnnn- 
,r ordinances, and enable a preacher to serve two or three 
neighborhoods, embracing a dozen plantations, as well as he 
could serve two or three plantations separately, bro. Jmae 
continued in this work until July. He found his cause well re- 
ceived, but this was not the time to build houses. He there- 
fore abandoned this work by consent of the Bishop, and took 
the agency for tin- Orphans' Home. The board think tins pol- 
icy of concentrating plantation appointments should not be lost 
Bight of. It is necessary to enable the society to send the gos- 
pel to a large portion of our servile population, and affords the 
best conditions for religious success. 

Onlv one of our negro missions this year has been disturbed 
•by the: invading foe. In this respect we have been highly la- 
yered. In other Conferences Uninteresting branch ot minions 
has been more or less interrupted, or almost broken up. I here 
are two points we must steadily insist ou : 

1st, That it is the duty of those who own slaves, and who 
enjoy the fruits of their toil, to procure them at their own 
• expense a preached gospel. If the church furnishes the labo - 
ers masters onght to support them. To do this is as mud hen 
duty as to provide for the religious welfare of wife or children. 
To call money paid for this purpose mteionary .money, is a 

2d When a colored mission comes to be thus supported by 
slave' owners-as all ought to be-it should formally be taken 
from the missionary list, and neither place or iunds be so re- 
ported any longer. 

One domestic mission having grown into a circuit, sell-sup- 
porting, ceases to be a mission after this year. Why should it 



not be so with some of our old missions to negroes, whose 
'christian masters ought long since to have relieved the Society 
from any tax, in having their slaves preached to? 

During the year, our Conference has been represented in the 
great work that is being done among our noble soldiers. F. 
Brandon has labored as army missionary in Longfstrcet's corps, . 
Fields' division — mostly in Law's brigade. W. A< Edwards 
has been serving among the troops in West Florida. He was 
tne only minister caring for their souls, until about six weeks 
ago a missionary was sent to them by a Baptist Association. E. 
J. Ham ill has been employed in the army of Tennessee, prin- 
cipally in Cleburne's division. B. F. Perry, since May, was 
with Polk's corps for four months, and was subsequently di- 
rected by the superintendent of missions in the army of Ten- 
nessee to labor in the Alabama hospitals. Besides these, T. J. 
Rutledge, W. G. Perry, Niel Gillis, George R. Talley, 
E. A. West, J. A. Vest and W. F. Norton, have been acting 
as chaplains in various portions of the army of the Confede- 
racy. The representations of all these brethren agree that the 
harvest is great and the laborers are few. The power of the 

" Lord is present in our camps. The soldiers hear the word glad- 
ly, and the opportunities for doing good to the cause of the 
church and the country are very inviting to zealous, faithful 
ministerial labor. The report's of those chaplains and mission- 
aries who have been present during the sessions of the Confer- 
ence have promoted an intelligent interest in army missions, 

\ and the Board is encouraged to believe that an increased num- 
ber will go forth from our midst as chaplains and missionaries, 
and that the enlarged contributions to its funds will enable the 
Society to sustain them in th$ field. 

H. N. McTYEIRE, Secretary. 

At a meeting of the Missionary Society, held on the 
day of organization, Dec. 7th, the Constitution of the 
Society of the late Alabama Conference was adopted. 
The following Board of Managers were elected for the 
year ensuing : « 

W. A. McCarty, President; D. M. Hudson, 7. Presi- 

27 f 

dent ; H. N. McTyeire, Secretary ; E. J. Hamill, Treas- 
urer; M. C. Turrentiue, John Matthews, Anson \\ est, 
W. A. Sampey, J. W. Glenn. 






m >r , *294 rtO 

Gadsden, by T. Moody r os1 

Centre, by C. L. Dobbs.... • 37g ^ 

Harpersville, by E. S. Smith 50 0Q 

Lei .anon, by T. Moody 36 QO 

Ashville, by T. Moody ; ••• Q 

Jacksonville, by P. k. Bnndley _ 4 

Coosa River, by T. Moody • J 

™ , ...12C.7 24 

Talladega Station, (by R. B. Crawford I) paid P. Dunean,. .$220 00 

» Station, paid into the 1 reaaury. . .... ....... • • lo« ™ i g 

« Circuit, dv J. C. Walker, (paid its Home Misnon) ^ g 

White Plains, by J. C A. Bridges 100 Q0 

' Arbacoochie, by R. A. Timmons ] ,. 75 

Lineville, ty D. Duncan 130 00 

Roanoke, by C. W. Smith \\ m '"JL fclOO 00 

PinkneyviUe, by J. M. Talley, paid ^^-;;;;;;;^J! 88-t*S6 88 

Camp Hill; bv C. S. S. Lassiter. . . ... . 10 o 75 

Dadeville, by Moses E. Butt and S R. Slaughter 

Socapa.ov b> L. E. Be,., ^^S^^\V:^"'.?a» 00-1.05 0J> 

Hatchett Creek, by A. Carter, 204 00 

Fayetteville, by T. J. Slaughter, 

m , $2738 37 


Monteyallo Circuit, paid ±*fi^&'i^\:\'?% 2^340 40 

J. Eamill, life-member). . . . ... _ • • Q * >>6 fc0 

Kington Circuit, by A. H. Mitchell, paid P. E -*> OU » 


Sdmmerfield District — Continued. 
Wetumpka Station, by T F. Mangham, paid A. H. Mitchell $376 65 

into the Treasury 100 00— $476 65 

Prattville Station, paid A. H. Mitchell $300 00— $300 00 

Total $1643 65 


Montgomery Station, paid E. H. Myers 3300 00—3300 00 

Hei-ron Street Chapel, by S. S Sikes 200 00 

Mount Meigs Circuit, by I. I. Tatoni . .' . 250 00 

Tallassee Circuit, by Robert Harris 228 16 

Tuskegee Circuit, by L. F. Dowdell 1050 00 

Loachapoka, by J A. Pace 700 00 

Tuskegee Station, by B. B. Ross, paid J. W. Jordan $400 00 

11 " " " into Treasury .1618 50—2018 50 

(Of this amount the white congregation paid $1856 70; the 
Sunday School $48 65, and blacks $103 15.) 

Auburn Station, by M. S. Andrews, paid E. J. Hamill $205 qo 

" -■.,«« into Treasury.... 175 00— $380 oO 

Oak Bowery, by John Matthews 1442 50 

Lafayette Circuit, by T. L. Densler 80 00 

Crawford Circuit, paid F. H. Wardlaw, by J. H. Lockhart. 330 50 

" into the Treasury 940 50—1271 00 

Russell Circuit, by W. B. Ncal, paid C. D Oliver 515 00 

" 4< " »• into the Treasury 505 33—1020 33 

Opelifca Station, by J. E. Treadwell 500 00 

Total h $12,440 49 


Eufaula, by J. B. Cottrcll, paid M. C. Turrentine. $180 00 

", " ' " into the Mreasury 320 00— $500 00 

Glerinville, by Wm . A. McCarty, (one dollar gold) 480 00 

Villula Circuit, by W. B. Dennis, paid M. C. Turrentine. . . 16 00 

M " " into the Treasury. . 509 45— $525 45 

Enon Circuit, bv J. W. Soloman, paid E. J. Hamill . . . 320 00 

11 " John L. Oliver, C. M. 150 00 

«' ". " Abel Tatum, CM... 150 00 

" Faid into the Treaty 200 int. bearing notes.. 707 0*— 1327 05 
Union Springs Station, by C. S. Hurt, paid E. J, Hamill .. 190 00 

11 " " paid into Treasury... 64 25— $254 25 

Clayton and Louisville, by W. H. Wild, paid Barbour C. M. 150 00 

" " " " into Treasury. 192 50— $342 50 

Clayton Circuit, by W. C. Robinson .". . 104 00 

Chunnenuggc Station, by T. \V. Lane lt»3 00 

Perote, by J. F. Dickinson, paid W. II. Ellison 250 00 

" " *« into Treasury 442 83— $692 83 

Total ' $4,389 68 


Lowndesboro and Hayneville, by Wm. Shapard, paid P. E. 90 45 

" '« paid E. H. Myers 802 13 

" " into the Treasury 257 33—1149 91 

Pleasant Hill, by J. K. Tanzey,- paid E. H. Myers 122 00 

** paid J. W. Shores 300 00 

" into the Treasury 166 33— $588 83 


Lo-WNDKssono District— Continued. 
Farmersville Circuit, by J. A. Spence, paid E IT. Myers. . 250 00 

into the Treasury 436 06— $686 6ft 

Ramah Circuit, by J. L. Sampey, paid E, H. Myers 800 00 

11 pai.i J." W. Shores 80 00 

" (one hundred int. bearing) into Treasury. . 641 00 — 1521 00 

Union Circuit, py D. M. Hudson, paid E. H. Myers 850 00 

" into Treasury, 1380 00 — 17*30 00 

Greenville, by H. .r. Hunter, paid J. W. Shores 310 00 

" " into Treasury 529 50— $839 50 

Sepu!ga Circuit, by W. A. Sampey, paid J. W. Shores. . . . 25 05 

" " into Treasure 974 95 — 100) 00 

South Butler Circuit, by W. H. Morris, paid J. W. Shores 30 50 

" " into Treasury 897 33— $927 83 

Troy and Orion, by Angus Dowling,. paid E II. Myera.... 200 00 

'* M J. W Shores... 100 00 

" u into Treasury.. 700 00—1000 00 
Elba Circuit, by J. A: Parker, paid J. W. Shores 25 00 

" " into Treasury 431 40— $456 40 

Brundidgc, by J. P. Dickinson, paid E. II. Myers 83 00 

»' " into Treasury 32 25— $115 25 

Hayneville Col'd Mission, by J J. Lathraru, paid into Tr'sy 50 00 

Total $10,064 88 


Camden Station, dv Anson West 210 00 

Oak Hill, by D. S. McDonald , . . . 825 10 

Snow Hill, by W. II. Carter, paid E. II. Myers 400 00 

" " into Treasury 150 00— $550 00 

Black's Bend, by L. M Wilson 650 no 

Monroeville Circuit, by F. Walker 637 81 

Evergreen Circuit, by J. A. Withers 30 50 

Mt. Pleasant Circuit, by J. P. Jones j 300 00 

Total $3,203 41 


Mariana Station, by E. B^ Norton, paid B..S. Williams 384 58 

" " into Treasury 10 00— $394 58 

Greenwood Circuit, by W. R. Talley, paid W. A. Edwards 311 71 

Woodville Circuit, by J. D. Clark' 192 25 

Haw Ridge Circuit, by E. L. Loveless, paid B; S. Williams 120,00 

" " into Treasury. 55 25— $175 25 

Svlvan Grove Circuit, by D T. Hamncr 207 50 

Geneva Circuit, by J. L. Skipper, paid W. A. Edwards. . . . 184 00 

" B. S. Williams 92 16 

11 " into Treasury 477 25—5753 41 

Big Creek Circuit, by D. C. Skipper 17 66 

Cerro Gordo Circuit, by E. B. Norton 18 00 

Lawrencerille Circuit, by W. K. Norton, 364 00 

Total $2,434 80 


Annual subscription of members 196 25 

E. B. Norton's donation , ' 60 00 

W. K, Norton's donation « . 20 00 



Wrr„ M. Motley's donation GO Of) * 

Mrs. Jane E. Ramsay's donation 4t , 17 00 

J. 8. Carter's (a Confederate soldier) donation 25 00 

Epaminondaa Pitts, in memory of his son, Edgar McTyehe 

Pitts ; 30 00 

John K. and Mary E. Tatum, L. Members 40 00 

Total, from other sources * ' —$438 25 


(Jadsden District $1267 24 

Talladega •« 2788 37 

Summerfield " 1643 65 

Montgomery" ,. . 12440 49 

Eufattla ■ *■ (one dollar in gold) 4389 68 

Lowndesboro" ..'... 10064 88 

Camden " 8203 41 

Mariana c< f ,..2434 30 

From other sources......... 438 25 

Grand Total —38,620* 28 


By anvmnt sent to E. IT. Myers, during the year 6307 13 

Paid P. Elders, Chaplains and Missionaries for last year. . .6951 86 
For Missionary Assessments to P. Elders, Chaplains and 

Missionaries for 1865. 13675 00 

Amount paid for publishing minutes 350 00 

For Mission Committee Book. . . 50 00 

For Blank Books and Stationery 20 00 

Draft iu Treasury on Hutchings & Williams 1 25 00 

$27,478 49 
Balance in hands of the Treasurer.... 11.141 78" 

$38,620 27. 

N. B, The steppage of express prevented an early forwarding of any of 
the above balance. 


To incorporate the Annual Montgomery Conference of the 
'Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 

Sic 1. Bo it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- 
tives of the State of Alabama in General Assembly convened, That 
the itinerant preachers of the Montgomery Conference of the^leth- 
odist K) iscopal Church, South, and their successors, be and the same 
are hereby declared a body corporate by tke name and style of "The 
Annua! Montgomery Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 
South," and as such may sue and be sued, and have perpetual suc- 

Sec 2. Be it further enacted, That at each annual Conference of 
the preachers of the said chuTCh there shall be elected for the gov- 
ernment of the said Corporation, by the members thereof, three 
Trusses, a Treasurer and Secretary, who may under the direction of 
said Conference make such rules 'and regulations not inconsistent 
with the laws of this State, as they may think necessary. 

Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That the said Corporation may re- 
ceive and hold real and personal property to the value of five hun* 
dred thousand dollars, to be employed under the direction of the 
said trustees for the advancement of the interest of religion and ed- 
ucation, and for charitable purposes. 

Sec, 4. Be it further enacted, That the said trustees shall cause a 
record To be made in a book kept for that purpose of all the fiinds of 
the Corporation and the disposition made thereof, which book shall 
be accessible at all times to any member of the Montgomery Confer- 

Sec 5. Be it further enacted, That no gift, devise or bequest made 
to the said Corporation, shall fail because of any mistake in the nam* 
or description thereof, if the intention of the donor f grantor, 
Visor, can be ascertained by extrinsic proof. 

Approved December 10, 186-t. 


To Incorporate the Preachers' Aid 'Society of the Annual 
Montgomery Conference of the 31. E. Church, South. 

Si-c. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives 
of the State of Alabama in General Assembly convened, That Oliver 
R. Blue, Holland N. McTyeire, William H. Ellison, Bennett B. Ross, 
William M. Motley, Lewis F. Dowaell, Mark S. Andrews, Jamas W. 
Shores, Daniel M. Hudson, and their successors, be arid they are 
hereby declared a body corporate by the name and style of. "The 
Preachers' Aid Society of the Annual Montgomery Conference of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church. South," and as such shall have 
perpetual succession, may sue and be sued, and receive and hold 
real and personal property not exceeding in Value the sum of two 
hundred thousand dollars, the proceeds or income thereof to be ex- 
pended in aid of the sick and necessitous preachers and their fami- 
lies, of the said Montgomery Conference. 

Sr.c 2. Be it further enacted, That for the management of the 
affairs of the said corporation, there shall be elected at each annual 
Conference of the said church, by the members thereof, a President 
and six directors, who shall hold their offices' for one year, and until 
their successors are elected. 

Sec. 8- Be it farther enacted, That the said President and Direc- 
tors, under the direction of said Conference, may make such rules 
and regulations for the government of the said Corporation as may 
be necessary, and appoint such agents and officers as they think 
proper ; they shall keep and record in a, book a list of the names of 
the members of said Corporation, and of all the acts and proceed- 
ings, showing the amount of the capital of said corporation, the in- 
come derived therefrom each year, and the disposition made thereof, 
to which book any member of the said corporation shall have access- 

Sfec. 4. Be it further enacted, That no gift, devise or bequest, 
made to the said Corporation, shall fail because of any mistake in 
the name or description thereof, if the intention of the donor, 
grantor or devisor can be ascertained by extrinsic proof. 

Approved Dec. 9, 1864. 

Hollinger Corp.